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Aug. 4, 2008 - Regional Secretary/Treasurer resigns

March. 4, 2008 - Regional Championship note

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USA Office Manager

Kelly Novara has resigned from her position at the USA Office. Pam Niccum is the acting USA Office Manager. I have met with the entire USA Office Staff to facilitate a smooth transition of duties and the USA Office does not anticipate any problems with the transition.

Lyle Roetemeyer
United Schutzhund Clubs of America
Aug. 7, 2008
Nominations sought for Secretary/Treasurer
From Arthur Collins, Regional Director:

To all clubs in the SE Region
Due to the resignation of Rhonda Southern I am accepting nominations for the position of SE Region Secretary/Treasurer.  This nomination will be to fill out Rhonda's un-expired term.
Please direct all inquiries for the SE Region Secretary/Treasurer to Assistant Regional Director Vicki Keller until this position is filled.
I would like to take this time to express how much the Southeastern Region appreciates your service to the region. I personally appreciated all that you have done and wish you well in your future. 

Arthur Collins, SE Regional Director
Aug. 4, 2008
Regional Secretary/Treasurer Rhonda Southern resigns

SE Region,
It is with regret that I must resign my position as the SE Regional Secretary/Treasurer.
As of 8/4/08, we have $3561.04 in our Regional account.  I am working with our Regional Director to transfer all Regional Documents.
Regretfully submitted,

Rhonda Southern

July 24, 2008
Awards Program to Spotlight Clubs
The USA General Education Committee  has announced the creation of 11 annual awards  to showcase USA member clubs. There will be 10 Regional awards and one National Presidents award.

Nominations are to be submitted by end of August 2008 and  selection by the Regional Selection Committee is to be completed by the end of September. The winning clubs will be determined by Oct. 15 so that awards can be made in November.

July 24, 2008
USA Team for the 2008 WUSV
It is our pleasure to announce the United Schutzhund Clubs of America WUSV Team for 2008: James Honda, Debra Zappia and Eric Eisenberg will be our representatives. The WCC has unanimously decided that Terry Macias will be the USA Team Captain for the 2008 WUSV World Championship. Being that the U.S. is the host country, the WCC has decided to have an additional 2 assistant team captains in Thomas Vollrath and Howie Rodriguez.

Looking forward to your attendance and support!

Howie Rodriguez
USA World Championship Committeee
March. 4, 2008
From Assistant Regional Director
Vicki Keller 
I would like to thank all the participating clubs and members for all their help with our regional championship last weekend. 

It was such a pleasure to watch the exciting performances and excellent sportsmanship.  Our judge, Dieter Schmale, was most complimentary of the competitors, the level of training, and the quality of the dogs.  There are so many people who helped this weekend, my sincere thanks!  Please know that you are most appreciated.

 I would like to thank most especially Diane Madigan, the best trial secretary ever ... Michael Caputo, who volunteered his time to help with laying FH tracks, coordinating tracking, checking in competitors and everything in between ... Wallace Payne, who put down the FH tracks, coordinated tracks and recruited great tracklayers ... Rhonda Southern, who makes it all work .. .our helpers, Eric Collins, Matthew Ford and alternate Bill Ludwig ... .great work! 

Also thank you to our tracklayers, Julio Rosa, Montel Brown and Jenny Carver, who are all really really excellent tracklayers and who worked most efficiently ... Heidi Sanner organized the groups each day, which was a big help;  again, thank you.  As always Judy Johnson deserves a huge thank you for the terrific website, thank you Judy!

Many Congratulations to our Regional Champions Craig Lanham and Bowie ... FH Champion Woody Moore and Max ... and all the trophy winners.  Great work!

Again thank you, thank you, thank you,

Vicki Keller
Lake Valley Schutzhund Club
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